About Us

Our New Approach

While we’ve always been a labor of love across all that we do, we've evolved. And in true alignment, that's what true love does: it changes you forever.

All our products are now made in limited quantities to support a more sustainable future; we use ethical factories and manufacturers who ensure top labor practices, standards, wages, and working conditions for the whole staff; and we select quality fabrics so your pieces are love-able, reliable, and long lasting.

Like true love, we take it slow. We take our time working with our team to craft the right pieces to the best of fits so we can ensure long and obsessive wear for you. We also try hard to make sure they won’t break your bank.

We’re always growing, learning, and taking action as thoughtfully as we can because we value our staff, our planet, and we value you. We’re all cut and made from the same cloth afterall.

“Romanticize your life;
Start with your closet."

Our Name

It’s Juliet is an ode to love. It's the universal understanding of how love can make us feel, and how we can feel when we're feeling without. We’re hoping in the times when you need a little extra, we're there to support you. Whether it's a perfectly cut utility jacket, or a silky satin two-piece set that brings out your own shine, we're there to remind you that you're strong, beautiful, and already carry the greatest love right inside. Sometimes, you just need a killer outfit to remember. So for the woman who leads with love, but waits for no one: our carefully crafted and timeless pieces are sewn with extra love and care just for you. To help inspire the greatest love you already carry within. We hope you enjoy and fall in love, with or without a Romeo. x

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