It’s Juliet is brand born from love, and an ode to it.

It's the universal understanding of how love can make us feel, and how we can feel when we're feeling without. We hope in the times when you need a little extra love, we're here to help. Whether it's a perfectly cut utility jacket or a silky satin two-piece set that brings out your own inner shine, we're here to help you do it - and without breaking the bank.

We hope these pieces remind you of your resilience, beauty, and of the greatest love you already carry inside. Sometimes, we all just need a killer outfit to feel it. We hope you enjoy and fall in love, with or without a Romeo. x


Ideated in 2019, It's Juliet was born in 2020. Our small, but mighty team lovingly creates and curates the best in fashion and trends at affordable prices. We do this so you can build the closet of your dreams, regardless of your status. Like passion, style never sleeps, so we're always releasing new items. 

And our models? They're our shoppers. We love you all and we know there's strength in women.


Our philosophy is love, hope, and endurance - for our clothing and for everything we touch. Like the ones in your life that you love and can count us, include us in there. We'll always be here for beautiful outfits, styles, and inspiration. From the latest in romantic dresses, tops, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more, we'll never let you down and be there no matter how you're feeling. We're in it for the long haul and so is our enduring clothing. 


You don't know how to live, if you don't know how to give, which is why our choice of charity is so important to us. While we currently donate remaining inventory to those in need locally, we're in the process of selecting a charity in which we can donate a percentage of our sales. We're looking for a charity who can aid women with loving themselves. We'll let you know when we've found the right match in 2022.  


We want to help you love how you look and do good, and here’s what we're doing now and in the near future to innovate, expand, and grow with the world.

Our dispatch bags and packaging is 100% recycled content, eco-friendly, and made from post industrial waste. We're also working on getting you cash back on recycling your clothing - and we'll keep you updated on our partnership progress. And while we do make a portion of our It's Juliet Collection from sustainable and vegan feathers, down materials, and fabrics, we're planning on making those more premium fabrics our staples. As we grow and expand our inventory, we'll be able to source more easily. Lastly, as we know one of the biggest ways to reduce environmental waste is to choose to wear clothing for longer, we're always working on the endurance of our clothing, like our love, and we'll never stop perfecting that balance between affordability and long wearability. We want you to love and re-wear everything for years to come and we're excited to share our progress with you!


It's Juliet