“When the power of love overcomes the love of power 
the world will know peace.”
- Jimi Hendrix 

It’s Juliet is an ode to love and the universal understanding of what love can make us do, and how it can make us feel. 

 From the ever so symbolic Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, to famous love songs by our favorite musicians, playwrights, and other icons, It’s Juliet takes inspiration from love stories of the past to re-inspire future creations. 

There’s love behind every drawing, stitch, and final piece, hoping to resonate with you and your ultimate self-expression, whether it be beautiful and empowered one day, or relaxed and tranquil another. We too, believe in sweatpants, hair ties, and chilin’ with no makeup on. And we have just the thing. 

Our pieces range from bold to minimalistic, reflected throughout each collection. For us, modern femininity means having a combination of both soft and strong styles, and little to no rules.

So for the woman who leads with love, but waits for no one:

Timeless pieces. Inspired. Modern. Art. Relaxed. Vintage. Carefree. 

A true labor of love, inspired by love in all its forms and feelings.

Wishing you love,