5 Fall Fashion Finds

5 Fall Fashion Finds Coming In Hot  - And Affordable. 

1. Leggings are a forever staple that we wouldn’t even dream of tossing out of our wardrobes, but there are new styles on the rise that are challenging the plain skinny leggings we’ve been flaunting. No matter if they’re for your workouts or for lounging (or a mix of both), this still applies to you. Shop the Nora Crossover Legging from It's Juliet for $39. Click photo to shop.

crossover leggings

2. For most of the year, anything sparkly or cropped was our go-to. But now as we're entering the colder months, we're looking for the same, but in a long sleeve version - a top with some edge. Enter: the long sleeve cutouts we're seeing all over. These more revealing long sleeve cropped tops scratched our itch. The Iris Cut out Crop Top and Blair Tie Crop Top from It's Juliet. Click photos to shop.

3. Don't get us wrong, we love a denim jacket, but there's something about a soft shearling sherpa style for layering and keeping warm this season. And we absolutely love it in a luxe, affordable, creme color. Shop this  Oversized Sherpa Jacket (Shacket) from It's Juliet for only $52.

4. Vests. You juts can't go wrong with layering and here's our proof. Some may say a vest is a trendy item, but we know it's here to stay. Whether it's a knit, sherpa, or terry cloth, it's perfect for fall layering and it's back this fall season 2021 as well. It's easy to throw one on every outfit. White button-down? Vest. Maxi dress? Vest. Here's one we're lovin'. Click the photo to shop the Mason Oversized Puffer Vest from It's Juliet for $52.

oversized puffer vest

5. And last, but certainly not least: puffer jackets. They're a fashion favorite not going anywhere, but can use an update this fall and winter season 2021. Check these out because winter is coming and we're just obsessed. Throw one on for après ski, or for your trip to Trader Joe's for some restocks. Slide it on and you're halfway presentable in the fall and winter seasons. Get in on it - trust us. Shop some of our favorite puffer jackets below: Erin Oversized Puffer Jacket and the Chicago Cropped Puffer Jacket. Both under $70 from It's Juliet.